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Continuing Meidal Education cuba

Continuing Meidal Education cuba

As far as we know, our "DISCOVER CUBA, Medical Education and Culture Tour" which includes a Medical Conference, is the first of it's kind,tailored to U.S. Citizens - Medical Personnal, interested in global healthcare.


Although the news about future travel to Cuba sounds promissing, online visa arrangements are still problematic due to the existing embargo's lack of monitary exchange arrangements with U.S. Banks.  Until the embarbgo is lifted,

Cultural, Artistic, Scientific and Religious, excursions are still being arranged by licensed,U.S. Travel Service Providers, authorized by the U.S. Department of Treasury - Office of Foreign Assets Conrol (OFAC).  Our TSP is MarimarTravel.com

Source : http://www.cme-abroad.com/cuba-courses-countries.html